domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

What if... Would you?

What if I was an angel? And you just couldn't see me or hear me. What if I was allowed just to follow you, without a word, without a concret sigh. What if I couldn't be touched by you, and you couldn't feel my hugs, my kisses, my skin. At least not in a phisycal, but in some mystical way you would know that I'd be there, watching you, carrying you around. And I'd be able to know what you feel, what you think, if you really miss me truly. I'd be by your side, supporting you, in your problems, difficulties, achievements. And even a thousand miles couldn't prevent me to do it. But, what if was an angel?... Would you live your life without the physical pleasures that I wouldn't be able to give to you? And would you wait to spend your time with me through the eternity? Would you?

(deixando os errinhos de lado, eu tô sem teacher pra corrigir =/ )

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